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The Bowen Technique

Tom Bowen 1916-1982 lived in Geelong, Australia. He was a truly gifted man in that he created muscoskeletal treatments that allowed the body to heal in a short space of time. People today that have experienced the true benefits of the BOWEN state:

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The list is endless on the positive results which have and are currently being experienced worldwide. During Toms' life he was a humble, giving man in the respect of treating 13,000 patients a year, of which 80-90% of them of responded after two or three sessions. He was a self-taught man through his own personal study. More importantly, he innately knew how to treat and what was required, by looking and touching the person's body. Thus, allowing the right space and balance within the body to heal itself.

Before his death, he commissioned a few of his entrusted colleagues to continue the good work one of whom was an osteopath called Oswald Rentsch. He started to document the work amongst other therapists and started to teach the Bowen Technique in Australia and United States. Today the technique is practised worldwide by osteopaths, chiropractors, sports therapists, physiotherapists and metaphysical therapists.

What is Bowen?

Photography John Widley, tel: 07795 843364Bowen is not massage or manipulation, it is totally unique. It is unlike any other therapy that I have experienced. The Bowen technique consists of particular light movements using thumbs or fingers on various parts of the body. These are often a cross-fibre movement over muscles, tendons, ligaments and most importantly fascia - sheets of connective tissue - which connect everything in the body including internal organs, central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. In turn: muscle co-ordination, flexibility-postural alignment, restoring structural integrity, promoting pain relief and recovery of energy by way of vibrational and energetic release.

The treatment is holistic, for it addresses the whole person, not just the condition. Bowen is completely unique for two reasons:

Photography John Widley, tel: 07795 843364Rests are given between the series of moves in the treatment. This is very important as the therapist will usually leave the room. This allows communication to take place with the body's cells and the brain in order for any gradual adjustments to be made. The subtle moves increase local blood and lymph circulation, encouraging and stimulating the body to heal. The technique is safe and effective for people of all ages and there are no known adverse effects.

How Many Sessions?

A treatment takes approximately one hour. Three to four sessions are recommended, seven days apart. This allows time for the healing process to continue. Thereafter, maintenance sessions can be continued every one to three months if necessary. In many cases, long standing pain can be relieved in two to three sessions, although further treatments may be required in some situations.


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